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Tour Classic Cocktails at PGA Commons

February 25, 2019 – March 3, 2019 all-day
PGA Commons

The Honda Classic kicks off this week at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens. To celebrate, restaurants at PGA Commons are offering a variety of golf-inspired cocktails. $2 from the sale of each drink will go to Children’s Healthcare Charity, Inc., which supports local nonprofits.

Spoto’s The 19th Hole


Sink into The 19th Hole ($12) at Spoto’s Oyster Bar. This master of margaritas combines Don Julio Añejo Tequila, Cointreau, and sour mix, and its served with a salted rim. The 19th Hole is the perfect pairing with the tournament.

Prosecco Cafe’s Cran Mulligan Mule

The Cran Mulligan Mule ($9) at Prosecco Café will kick your game into high gear. Cranberry-infused vodka, spicy ginger beer, and cranberry and lime juices, with muddled cranberries and mint leaves, come served over ice in a copper mug. This refreshing mule is a drink you’ll want to do over.

Kabuki’ Palmer Punch

Kabuki Sushi-Thai-Tapas moves three drinks to the top of the leaderboard. Come pay tribute to one of the greats with The Palmer Punch. The recipe adds Bacardi rum to the classic Arnold Palmer combination of lemonade and iced tea. The Floridian and the PGA Spritz cover those looking for vodka and gin-based beverages. Each signature spirit is $12. 

The Cooper’s Pin High

The Cooper scores with the Pin High ($11). Tito’s vodka, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, black cherry soda, and house syrup go the distance to leave you feeling like a pro. The mixture is poured over a golf ball-shaped ice cube, and comes garnished with a golf tee and a Luxardo cherry.

Vic and Angelo’s  Macallan

Golf and whisky go together like a glove and club, so during The Honda Classic, Vic & Angelo’s will offer special pricing on Macallan single malt whiskies, aged 12 years ($14), 15 years ($18), and 18 years ($28). Enjoy flavors as intense as tournament competition yet as smooth as well-groomed greens.